about Paulie

Born 1961, never married, not really in witness protection but I don’t mind if the neighbors think I am.

7/12/08 I wrote:
Each of us is given a century and some of us get a foothold in the next. A century is not a time but a mirror. Like my century I am tormented by a sense of spiritual despair. Though consciously anti-bourgeois, I use their tools and knowledge to convey the awe of artistic experience in an art without a cause and for it’s own sake. Truth, science, beauty, reason, together in a more dadaist than cubist abstraction. Trivial and anecdotal pictures that portray real and exisiting things in everyday life without romance or idealism. Twenty first century modernism is yet to be established.

This journal has different ‘categories’. That suits me because I have given it concenrtic purposes. I am happiest when I am thinking about my plants. Each is a small world that I walk in.

I had to escape the NYC but this life in FL is rich in many ways. I have had to learn how to drive a car and how to live in a house. The impressions of those first days here are so strong. I bought an old Mercury Zephyr station wagon, sky blue, for $800 on the street. I got in and somehow drove it to get my license and insurance. At some time during those first few days in my car I turned on the radio and I heard Steve Perry belt out Don’t Stop Believin’ right from the beginning. Music and driving go together.

The driving life would be so hard to give up now. It’s so nice to travel door to door. In the NYC we lived the same way people did 120 years ago: we rode an elevator to street level and a bus or train to work in an office. I typically walked at least ¼ mile to a bus stop, twice that to the train. The supermarket and bakery were almost as far. School was a mile’s walk.

The thing I like most about FL is the way the birds pour through the state during their migrations. You can see a formation of a hundred Sandhill Cranes and you are part of a Chinese painting. I also like when the seabreeze front is still way out over East county when night comes. The clouds are lit from the inside with lightning and there’s not a sound.

It is no surprise to me that I find birds, plants, animals, etc, beautiful. They are the things that stood out to me as a child in a landscape of buildings and people. I was so committed to having plants that I was a community gardener for eight years. We planted in fields of the rubble of tenements scattered with human waste and used needles. Big bones turned up on a regular basis. At first I told the cops about them but after seeing their disinterest I set the bones aside for use as ornaments. Welcome to the Lower East Side.

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I post special photos in a large format here.

The above image is originally a woodcut. Color has been added. The caption says, in my translation, “a missionary of the middle ages tells of having found the place where the sky touches the earth”. The accompnying text reportedly read: “What, then, is this blue sky, which certainly does exist, and which veils from us the stars during the day?”


2 thoughts on “about Paulie

  1. Paul,
    I am responding to your e-mail to RFCI. I am a member and live in Tarpon Springs.RFCI meets monthly at the Tampa Garden Club and
    we have well informed speakers.My e-mail addres is

  2. My repy is that almost evry word you wrote i could have written I too from new york lower east side and still marvel at nature, birds migration and the ability to have a car yes a car at my fingertips Mindy I want more lots more I was it was snowing

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