walmart put a bible in my pants


This small bible turned up in the buttoned back pocket of some khakis I bought. My receipt shows two polo shirts, pants, chicken tenders and potato logs hot from the deli. Store manager Eric Hirons name and phone number appears as well. I had not decided how I felt about the find when I made two calls to inquire whether the bible was put there by the store. The staff I spoke to seemed badly frightened by the question despite my unemotional tone. I was placed on hold for someone else a total of nine times. Both my calls ended in a hangup after a long hold.

3 thoughts on “walmart put a bible in my pants

  1. I”d be outraged! I’d go personally to the store manager, who’s name is on the edition and complain, then go above his head as well. That’s some serious nerve. I don’t care that this is the bible belt, I don’t want propaganda in my pants!

  2. Oh yes. That sort of ‘customer service’ is the reason I have a cordless speaker phone. Thanks for the article, sounds like once I’m 65 i can have anything I want from wmart!

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