owl has two syllables…

…if you are from the NYC


Here’s a pic of a sleepy screech ow-wul displaying himself to a group from Clearwater Audubon walking in Pilippe Park of Safety Harbor last week. Clearwater does not rest after migration season ends, they go out on walks all summer.

One thought on “owl has two syllables…

  1. What an awesome picture! I’ve never been to that park but now I have to go. I came across your blog because I follow the #tbtweet hashtag & was intrigued by your tweet “writing to mitigate feelings of elation, power and creativity” and had to click on the link. I’m glad I did 🙂

    I’m also a former NYer, 12 yrs now a Tampa Girl. Obsessed with getting word out about local awesomeness that lurks beneath the surface of Tampa Bay that you’ve captured beautifully here I started a local social network http://www.brandtampa.com.
    Would you consider cross-posting your pics and writing to share with more people? It would be cool to have more people see your writing & photos about the local. I’ve already taken the liberty of RT this one 🙂 @brandtampa & @juliagorzka.

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