the ashes of Angelo Carbone


This happened right on my street: a firework stand made of two small kit buildings completely burned, the remains of the owner inside. The Sheriffs do not suspect foul play in the death of Angelo Carbone or in the fire.

They don’t? Why was a 40 year old man unable to get out of the small shed? What was he doing there? Sleeping? This is not a firework season. Was he living there? And why did an electrical fault in one building burn both?

Here in the big 34691 we mainly get news stories like this: two guys on their way home from a gentemans club, one beats the other in the car with a fishtank because he did not cough up $3 for gas. Plenty of detail and the story gets repeated all day on local radio and TV. But Angelo’s story interests me a lot more. Why such careless reporting?



2 thoughts on “the ashes of Angelo Carbone

  1. A security video shows Angelo pulling up in his car, getting out of it and going into the building-10 minutes later, the building is burning. He was found right next to the door sitting on a couch. The local cops know about the video but never asked to see it. An accident? Faulty wires? We don’t think so.

  2. Aj’s death is now an official HOMICIDE!! I repeat THIS WAS A MURDER, HE HAD DIED BEFORE THE FIRE STARTED!!! How does this get such piss poor coverage in the news and PLEASE someone get the cops of their butt’s and start knocking doors down.

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