hardware failure and bad Geek Squad customer service

I wonder if I will bring it up?

So, one day my computer just freezes. I reboot and start a backup but that process does not finish, my machine freezes again and it does not come back. When the power button is pressed there are two quick beeps followed by six beeps. Hardware failure! My computer is a 2005 model, maybe the RAM memory is bad since the problem is intermittent? Maybe it’s the cockateils. I am further at sea than Will Bleakey. I decide to take the machine in for service at Best Buy, the only place open this time of the evening.

At Best Buy I explain the trouble and the beeps. The computer boots up (wtf?) and they run some diagnostic and announce it shows nothing. The charges are explained. $200 to diagnose, $100 for labor, $50 per ddr memory chip – which is twice the street price. Time to fix: 5-7 days. OMG it’s got to be done faster than that! “Sorry, there’s like 30 machines ahead of yours”.

Day 4: I call the store to obtain a progress report on my computer. Someone takes a message, no one calls back.
Day 5: I call the store to obtain a progress report on my computer. A disinterested sales associate takes a message for the geeks to say I would prefer to take my machine back rather that wait any longer.
Day 6: I call the store to obtain a progress report. The phone just rings.
Day 7: I call the store to obtain a progress report. The phone just rings. I wonder if they have blocked me.
Day 8: I go to the store to obtain a progress report. I am told that my machine is in the midst of a ‘bench test’ that cannot be interrupted.
Day 9: I call the store after work to say I need my machine and ask to speak with a manager. I’m put on forever hold. Second time I call I’m told by a young and listless-sounding person that someone will call me. No one calls back.
Day 10: I call the store when it opens to remind them I want my machine back and ask to speak with a manager. Late in the day I get a message to call Bob at the store. The phone just rings.
Day 11: I call the store when it opens. A contempt-filled voice tells me my machine is ‘ready’. I fetch it home and on the second test it fails exactly as before. Reason does not return to me until late in the day (after the administration of a tranquilizing agent). I begin again where I left off 11 days ago and, to my surprise, my troubleshooting isolates the problem – cockateil damage. It is Sunday evening and I manage to get back in business just in time to record Nitro Circus. Joy!

An addendum. The store wrote me a considerate form email to say:
“Thank you for putting your trust in the geek squad. We hope that your product has been serviced to your satisfaction. If you are displeased with your experience for any reason,or there is anything else you need, please contact the Geek Squad Precinct. We aim to make things right.”

Thanks for your indulgence of this rant.

8 thoughts on “hardware failure and bad Geek Squad customer service

  1. Is it really a surprise? big box stores are NOT computer techs! They hire the absolute bottom barrel of employees, whichever they can get cheapest. They don’t care about the customer. They extort and exploit.

    Big Box Stores, like car dealerships, are a LAST RESORT. You’re better off in either case going to a little experienced enthusiast shop.

  2. OMG!!! I feel for you my dear Paulie ~ I would be pulling my hair out of my head!!! My home computer right now has a virus so I can’t even use it right now.

    Best Buy has the worst customer relations right next to Wal Mart. You won’t find me in either store!!!

    Did you or are you going to file a complaint? I would, not that it will do anything!!!!!

  3. sorry you had probs with these folks…i don’t think i’ve ever heard a positive story about big box store service to be honest.

    i’m thankful in our small town that there is a computer shop. they are the only folks i trust with our computer.

    lol about burt and ernie being the culprits though…

  4. The Geek Squad are utter morons. My laptop was completely messed up because my cousin had put an ‘upgrade’ disc in it, thus the need for a computer technician. After two days in Best Buy, they had told me that the computer was as good as new, that they had installed the required drivers and restored it back to the way it was.

    Thirty days later, the laptop entered reduced functionality mode, not allowing me to do anything but surf the internet for a solution. I took the computer back to Best Buy. They told me that the main technician ‘goofed’, and put the wrong Windows on it. The estimated time for the repair was two days, but it took thirteen days for them to complete it. Retards.

  5. When I tried to log on to my dekstop, a message saying “there are not sufficient resources to load” my account with the default something-or-other popped up. The message had a timer that was going to close the box, and then when it closed it would not log me on. I could not turn it off normally so I cut the power. When I turned it back on I logged on fine?
    I read here Worcester Laptop Repair but couldnt make sense?


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