Viola columnaris


When I visit my dad in Chile one of my favorite things to do is have him drive me to the ski areas above Santiago so I can see the high mountain plants. In November, local spring, the snow is gone and the deserted villages are and surrounded by flower-filled meadows.

When we went there in 2005 I found one of the rosulate Violets. Excited, I took photos but they were out of focus. I returned to re-shoot the plants the next day but I couldn’t find them again. Violets disappear when they want to.

In the three years until I was able to return I wondered if the plants might still be there, whether I could find the place again and whether they would be blooming. I went to see my dad again and we returned to the gravel-strewn, weedy place at the bottom of a ski slope. Here is the result: Viola columnaris, I think.



3 thoughts on “Viola columnaris

  1. Hi Paulie,

    Since a month or two I have become fascinated by these rosulate viola’s. I have sown 6 species yesterday, seeds I got from Chile.
    This means I have not seen one for real! only those stunning photo’s on the internet!

    Have you been able to collect some seeds of V. columnaris? Have you tried to grow this plant?

    Robert Maijer in The Netherlands

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