birds and animals in Chile


This stained glass was in a tiny church in a small, high village out beyond San Pedro de Atacama.

Here’s a gallery of some of the animals I managed to photograph on my trip. Click the small picture for a larger 500px wide image.


7 thoughts on “birds and animals in Chile

  1. sierra finch?
    There are 7 Sierra-Finches. This is the Grey-Hooded Sierra -Finch. Chilean–Cometocino de Gay

    Common Diuca Finch. I cannot see a grey breast band but it does look like ruddy/rufus feathers under the tail which is diagnostic for the male. Chilean name—Diuca

    A grebe?
    don’t be disappointed that you didn’t recognize the Pied-billed Grebe. Must be that Chilean name confusion! Picurio

    a dove
    White-winged dove. Paloma de alas blancas.

    A little dove
    Nothing in my book has this 2 colored beak. Ground doves tend to be small.

    Royal(?) tern
    this area is far from the range for Royal Terns. I think South American Tern.. Gaviotin de sudamericano

    Chilean Ruddy duck, I’m told
    Ruddy Ducks do not have white cheeks BUT Puna Teal do. Pato Puna. They range to 4,000 meters.

    Shiny Cowbird?”
    Wrong beak. Another sparrow. Are those white outer tail feathers?

    Chilean Flamingo, just one of four species seen that day
    My book has 3 species. Doesn’t mean there aren’t five,
    Andean, Chilean and Puna

  2. Sierra finch
    A Patagonian Sierra Finch

    I believe this bird is a Common Duica-Finch.

    A grebe
    Pied-bill Grebe

    A dove
    White-winged Dove

    A little dove
    I believe this is a Croaking Ground-Dove

    You have Red-legged Cormorants next to the Chilean Brown Pelican The ones in the center appear to be Guanay Cormorants.

  3. Royal? Terns
    I could not make out the leg color, but if they were an orangy red I would believe they were South American Terns.

    unknown, seen at 13,000ft
    I believe this is a Slaty Thrush.

    Chilean Ruddy duck, I’m told
    I believe this is a Puna Teal.

  4. Chloephaga melanoptera, a Goose, 13,000+
    Andean Goose

    A Plover
    Puna Plover

    Lobos marinos corms and a Vulture
    All the way to Chile for a Turkey vulture!

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