special thanks to you, Frankie



Before beginning my leave with a long flight to Chile I overnighted with my cousin in Hollywood, happy to break up the travel. The international airport at Miami is as close as I ever hope to come to a real city again. While I looked for the trirail to Hollywood I was nearly run over by a propane powered ATV and a Segway Personal Transporter.

Unlike her cousin Paulie, Frankie is classy, she knows wine and eats only quality food. I mentioned that I have become nostalgic for a certain offel and before I knew it we were off to the Caribbean grocery to get souse, which is usually pickled pigs feet, snouts and sometimes other things. The chicken foot fell into the category ‘other things’. It looked drowned and bloated and even though the spices tasted good chewing the grainy bone and skin gave rise to a impulse of nausea.

It was fun sitting outside, catching up with Frankie and playing with her beagles in the unusually comfortable Hollywood night. Thanks, Frankie. Here’s the first of several galleries of photos from my trip:


I hope this evening finds you well,


3 thoughts on “special thanks to you, Frankie

  1. Hi Paulie, I don’t mind you linking at all. Thanks for asking first tho.
    When I was in my teens we lived in Miami for a couple years. We used the rail alot to travel. Seemed like you could get anywhere in that city using public transport.

  2. Hi Paulie~
    Just stopping by to hi and thanks for the blog visit, I’m not sure why my blog wouldn’t accept posts.
    Checked out some of your Florida garden pics and thought the blooming aloe was really pretty, mine have never bloomed like that, it gives me something to look forward to.


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