here´s a sitrep: 19-24 Nov.

I´m having fun, drinking the good stuff and eating interesting things. My flight was as comfortable as nine hours in a child seat can be. I spent a night in Miami with my cousin Frankie to break up the trip a little.

Frankie gave me some bourbon from 1917 and now I am drinking JW blue label Scotch. Both are very tasty and strong.

The fall weather in Miami was beautifully cool and dry. The spring weather here is the same. Frankie and I ate souse for dinner and it was just gross. Guess what´s for lunch here? Today it will be flavored with the local spice blend whose name sounds like ¨Merquen¨. There was blood sausage for breakfast and I liked that. For some reason my dad did not want to tell me what it was.

The family´s two Labrador dogs are large and unruly but they seem to have accepted me as part of the household. There is broadband internet here, which I am using to get a few downloads done. So far it has not been convenient to post photos.

The sky is very starry and tomorrow my father and I will go to the far north for ten days where they say it is even clearer.

I hope this evening finds you well.

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