cristate (monstrose) flower stems on my Aloe plants

Aloe plants have become my favorites because of their toughness, economy of form and sprays of bright flowers. Where I live the nurseries are not concerned with plant names. If you know the name of one of my Aloes please let me know.

In my Aloes the leaves sometimes show cristate tissue but mostly the flowers are affected. It can be interesting as in this astounding 360 but mostly the cristations are just tumorlike masses.
I cut off the flower spike when I see the tissue starting. I wonder if I should remove the whole rosette?

I garden in isolation. My web visitors and their comments are valued.


4 thoughts on “cristate (monstrose) flower stems on my Aloe plants

  1. What happened with your encyclia? Did I miss the burst? Maybe if you had penned an encyclical about your encyclia you would garden less in isolation. But in order to draw a crowd you’ve got to write it in Latin…

  2. Very interesting. My Aloe is doing something very strange and someone told me it was a cristate. I’ve got a picture of it on my blog if you want to look.

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