goodbye Hubble

The Hubble space telescope has revealed the goings-on of the universe since 1990. The plan was to maintain and upgrade it for many years but now all service flights have been descheduled.

Hubble was to be visited as needed by the Space Shuttle but since the loss of the Columbia those high-orbital flights are considered too dangerous. As it stands, orbit decaying, the telescope will strike the atmosphere and be obliterated.

I have created desktop wallpaper of my favorite Hubble images. They are highest-quality and without signature or logos. You are welcome to visit my pbase and collect them for your own noncommercial use. Be sure to select the ‘original’ size.

One thought on “goodbye Hubble

  1. It’s hard to imagine Hubble being obliterated. Remember when it was such a big joke; so expensive and hyped and then broken? Great they fixed it and what a job it did!

    If you do get yourself out the the Oregon Coast, on a clear night, the starry sky at the beach is mouth-dropping. It really looks like the universe that it is…

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