Passiflora suberosa in this garden

The wild Corkystem Passionflower. Mockingbirds found the little blue fruits and planted it here themselves in the way birds do. It is rarely noticed by people, only a weed in the yard. The flowers are small and yellow-green but just as complex. This Passionflower brings in the Gulf Fritillary butterfly, whose wings are like a mosaic with some tiles replaced by mirrors.

The suggestion of passion is not a romantic reference. It came from the Spanish at the time Florida was their colony and it refers to the suffering of Christ. In their religious and numerological superstitions they assigned meaning to all the parts of the flower: the sepals represented the apostles, the stigmae and anthers the three nails and five wounds and the radial filaments are the crown of thorns.

The flowers impressed early Spanish explorers and I like to think it moved them to name this place Florida, the place of flowers.

One disclaimer: I can’t tell the difference between P. suberosa and P. lutea. Both are welcome here.
Peace and happy times,


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