There is a new ‘fictionalized’ account of the event at Seattle. It looks like it will be an awful movie. Still, the five days in November of 1999 deserve to be remembered always. Antiglobalization activists surprised and humiliated the Ministers of the World Trade Organization, the security force deployed to protect them and the municipality. Worse, the street protest drew unwanted attention to the shadowy interests the WTO represents.

For a year diverse activitsts called in demonstrators. Even the cranky French farmers came to Seattle. The WTO and their security were the only people who did not know what was coming.

I was with my father in the little fishing village on the far side of the world where he lives in retirement. A week before it happened he told me “there’s going to be big trouble”. History will remember ‘N30′ as the first victory for the new century in the renewed fight against unbridled capitalism. Since N30 those interests have responded by buying news organizations and using them to recast their enemies as ‘anarchists’.

Above image: this is my arm. Maybe I was born to be an anarchist. That is also the logo of my college. I do not remember getting any tattoos but, then again, there are a few hazy moments. Sorry for the worst picture I have ever posted.

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