Pasco gets a Six Flags?

The word on the street here in the big 34691 is that there is going to be a Six Flags amusement park and a baseball complex built along a the coast. Huh? Six Flags corporate does not acknowledge any plans for FL.

The state just established the Werner – Boyce Salt Springs State park to conserve the whole coastline they are talking about developing. It is a thin strip, though. This could be true.

Each Six Flags has a unique name. What will they call this place? Six Flags Poorly Drained Country?


6 thoughts on “Pasco gets a Six Flags?

  1. A “Six Flags” rumor has been just that — a rumor — for years upon years upon years in the Tampa Bay area. “Word on the street” doesn’t really trump a bad economy that’s not going to support new development right now.

    I’d sooner expect Six Flags to try buying Busch Gardens from the new owner than seeing them build a new park.

  2. I wondered who was supposed to stay in that new hotel and play in the new minigolf jungle. I guess it could go all the way to there if you move a few businesses and some mobile homes.

  3. BTW – I don’t necessarily think a Six Flags is bad, I just am skeptical as I follow development news on skyscrapercity and the rumor has been around since I was in high school more than a decade ago

  4. Hi Paulie,
    Have come in from Blotanical. Wanted to leave you a welcome message on the site there, but it’s loading so slowly …
    Anyway, when Stuart gets the problems sorted i hope we’ll see you around alot – it’s usually a fun place to be.


  5. I am hearing that it is supposed to go on the land where the USA flea market is, but I have seen no construction reports or engineering reports issued to date to back the speculation and it has been a long standing rumor thus far

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