She’s not always in a good mood but she always looks good. Even first thing in the morning. No one seems to be able to get an idea of her size from looking at pictures. Got a ruler? She stands about an inch and a half tall and she’s a full two and a half inches long including tailfeathers. She’s very light and she makes almost no sound when she flies. It’s like having a butterfly around the house. A noisy, demanding butterfly with moods.

For some reason she has always enjoyed roosting on my phone. If you call you can say hello to her. She sits right on the speaker. But she covers up the blinking light that tells me I have a message. That is why I do not return your calls.

3 thoughts on “Gloria

  1. You should stay home with Gloria instead of messing around with snakes. You are a city boy and you don’t know how mean a Moccasin can be!

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