Bougainvillea pruned

It has bloomed beautifully for three full months since the beginning of May. Now it has been pruned to favor the next canopy of flowers. There might be a mini – peak bloom in September as well. No, it’s not your monitor, this is a purple Bougainvillea instead of the usual pink.

My tao of pruning is simple: remove narrow crotches, crossing branches and prune to an outfacing bud.

These small wasps could have hurt me badly but they were patient and I saw them and left their branch. Their icicle-shaped paper nest is visible way to the left in the wide view above. Gloria is also visible watching me from inside. She is sitting on the back of a chair.

Peace, P.


3 thoughts on “Bougainvillea pruned

  1. All right. That looks a lot better than our bougainvillea. Why don’t you come on over here and help me prune mine? I’ve cleared about 8 feet so far, LOL.

    And from your post about the gators, “How many places have things in the yard that can eat you? Not just bite or sting you but actually take you as prey.” Outstanding comment! It bugs me when people take these massive creatures for granted. Actually, it bugs me when people take Florida’s natural attributes for granted, but that’s another rant.

    As for hearing them roar, have you checked out Newnan’s Lake, or Lake Santa Fe, just East of Gainesville? If not, try to go in the evening, and bring a big flashlight so you can see their eyes poking up and glowing in the moonlight. It’s pretty cool.
    Also so you can make sure they’re not at your feet… which would kind of suck.

    And if you have a dog, leave him/her home! 😉
    Of course, they’re all over Florida, but I’ve noticed they’re heavily concentrated there.

    You might like John Moran’s photography, I think. Have you seen his site yet? He is Florida at it’s finest. Hands down.

  2. Thanks for that. After my scratches heal I will be available to prune more Bougainvilleas.

    I forgot to add the ‘canopy of flowers’ link that will show you the plant as I have been enjoying it. It’s up now.


  3. I have a tall BV plant climbing up a 10 foot brick wall. My gardener was trimming today and noticed that something was eating the branches. He showed me this and it looked as tho something (bigger than just a bug)was chewing on the branches but not all the way through. On the ground below was strips that were shredded from the branches and it looked as if someone was sawing (nobody was) and there was sawdust all over the ground. Darndest thing I ever saw…….. .
    Got any ideas what that could be? It’s destroying my plant. It’s also very wierd.

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