Everglades restoration, US Sugar purchase

How can I fail to comment? I live here now. The story is some days old but there is a lingering suspicion in me about what lies behind the scenes. It seems that story won’t be told yet.

In reality far too much is lost for the Everglades to be ‘restored’. But what is the alternative? The place is far more than a wetland or a forest. The meadows above I75, the flooded forest and the sea beyond are together one of the wellsprings of all life

It should be no surprise that people tried to write their ambitions there. It has a presence you can sense. It is an engine for life. Fine, buy out the sugar company and restore the hydrology. Recognize what is left and what it can be. There are bigger issues at stake than prosperity for the town of Clewiston. Money is not important. Life is important.

The above image was taken in the Fakahatchee Strand preserve on 9 Feb. 2008 during a guided walk. Normally there would be flowing water there. The usual water levels are suggested on trunks of the old Pond Apple trees. The preserve had been without water for months and it would be for months to come.

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