security update KB951748

You are going to learn something personal about me so just keep it to yourself. I have dial-up internet. I know. A couple of months ago when my dad was staying with me he noted he hadn’t heard that modem sound in years. Day before yesterday, for the third time, a Microsoft update took me out.

Browsing and email, both down, no warning. It took me until today to look at updates and discover the one with the suspicious timing. Then it was easy to hunt up some answers using a computer running ’98. The update disables internet connections for people running XP, using the free version of ZoneAlarm set to ‘stealth mode’ and who dial up. No one else. The news release I saw said ‘thousands’ of people were affected. Sorry they can’t see this.


3 thoughts on “security update KB951748

  1. It’s not just dial-up and the free version of ZoneAlarm. I have ZA Pro and DSL, and this hotfix took me down as well. BellSouth Customer Service (who figured out the problem for me) told me that thousands of their customers have the same problem.


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