the Ghost Orchid

Intrepid friends and I made the 200 mile trip to the Sanctuary yesterday, mainly for the Ghost Orchid but we were also happy to see a Yellow-Billed Cuckoo, a hummingbird and a lots of Ruddy Daggerwing butterflies. It is one of the privelidges of living in FL to be able to go out and see two very rare species – the orchid and the butterfly. I had the quote of the day: “It’ll probably be years before I see another…” trailing off as a second Daggerwing whizzed past my ear. Browse more photos here.


2 thoughts on “the Ghost Orchid

  1. Wow! Too bad! I saw two ghost orchids in bloom at the end of June in the Fakahatchee Strand, and about 16 not old enough to blossom yet. They are not easy – it took three and a half years to see my first. I have some pictures from last year’s ghosts in the Fakahatchee Strand here:

    They aren’t too hard to find, it’s just how you find them. I don’t look directly for the ghosts….I look for the types of tree they grow on, and then the shade percentage, then it gets easy.

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