who is Gloria’s babydaddy?

People are experiencing some confusion over whether Gloria’s eggs will hatch and who would be the father. Not me, assure you. But hens – or as we call them in the business: girlbirds – will lay eggs when they are inspired so in a sense I have some part. Unfertilized eggs will not hatch. I throw them away. Gloria has no instinct to nurture them so she is not bothered by this.


One thought on “who is Gloria’s babydaddy?

  1. Ah, I’m glad you answered that question. I vaguely recall from the ancient recesses of my mind hearing about some female birds spontaneeously laying eggs. Gloria is so beautiful, she would have many suitors if the situation arose. What species of finch is she? (Uh, I think she’s a finch anyway. LOL)

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