tears in rain

A moment to voice my misgivings about what we face: I was on the planet in 1973. I remember walking right up Park Avenue when there was not vehicle on the road. I remember how angry people became at seeing the things they wanted for themselves slip beyond reach. To live in a house became an unattainable dream. One little boy waited a very long time. Rich and educated New Yorkers live in cruelly small apartments to this day. This time I think food will begin to slip out of reach. Real food, at least. For most of us some industrial ration will take it’s place.

Tonight my thoughts are with my old friends in Letterland. As they have for so long they will coax their vegetables out of the tenement rubble. Please look them up and give them your friendship: myspace.com/9communitygarden. They are always on the verge of losing their place.

One thought on “tears in rain

  1. Thanks for sharing this Paul! If it’s ok with you, I’d like to link it with the Bloggers Against Hunger Blogs.

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