the dreaded Sunnybrook Limpkins

There they are! It started one night in February as the birds began to be heard at the condo’s big pond. My mother complained about a shrieking sound she could not identify that made her think of a wounded animal. She felt better once I told her what it was. I could hear the sound over the phone. She monitors bird life on the pond closely and was happy for a new species. Neighbor Miriam soon began to complain that the sound left her distressed and unable to sleep and she searched for a way to have the Limpkins ‘removed’. She circulated a pamphlet and called everyone including Fish & Wildlife and Ken Tracy. Ken says she still calls often. Miriam says talking to Ken is the only thing that made her feel better. He told her the birds are only noisy for a few weeks in the breeding season. Two months down the road even mom is fed up and admits being kept up at night by the incessant Limpkin shrieking. She isn’t sure whether the birds are finding their snails but she reports she has seen one bashing something against a rock. She isn’t sure if they are nesting either but they have a favorite spot in a tree. Write me for instructions on how to see and hear the birds. Refer to my earlier posts for more details.


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