Green Key birds funnel in April

Our small community of local naturalists has made me aware of a rare opportunity to see and learn the migrating birds. Green Key is an islet at the West end of the road of the same name. The causeway makes a narrow corridor where we can position ourselves to see and count the birds. As it has been explained to me by the discoverer of the phenomenon, Ken Tracey, the birds flying Northward and across the Gulf during the night may find the neck of land and pause to rest in the Mangrove. He added quietly that the birds we see there may be the ones who are simply not strong enough for migration and were lucky not to have perished at sea. The small birds are especially vulnerable to the winds. Ken calls it “fallout”. As day comes they move inland along the causeway to hunt insects and renew their energy. The Catbird photo above is the best I have managed at the park. In my yard a few blocks inland I have done better on fallout days in April. I was briefly famous last year when I photographed a Blue – Winged Warbler in my orange tree. Here he is:


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