fire is bad

The Olympic Committee should have routed the torch through Tampa instead of San Francisco. Today, while I was speaking with two of the numerous twenty-somethings at my work I became aware they were under some misconception about the protests and the protestors trying to tackle the torch. I asked them directly why they thought those things were happening. One gave no answer at first but the other ventured: “Because fire is bad…?”. Her companion took her lead and finished the thought: “…Because of global warming”. No milennials, these. Both twenty seven and college graduates. I detest the Olympcs but for me it was never so entertaining. I especially like the part where 3000 French police, including the elite, black-garbed roller skate brigade, could not keep the flame from being doused by besandaled malcontents with a fire extinguisher and a banner. I’m sure the pro-war demonstrators down Bayshore Boulevard wouldn’t have given the torch as much trouble.

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