Palm Warbler at the feeder




My local Palm Warbler has been eating Gloria’s perfect nutrition pellets. She never eats very much of her food so the remainder goes with her unfinished seeds to my feeding platform for the Mourning Doves, Titmice, Cardinals and now the Warblers!






But there’s something odd. My Palm Warbler eats the red and orange pellets and leaves the green and yellow ones. Are the different colors flavored?myrtlew.jpg There’s only one way to be sure. I tasted a small handful of each of the four colors. Feh! No, there is no difference in taste of the colors. Gloria shows no preference either, in case you do not believe my assessment.

This Myrtle Warbler comes to drink from the oranges I cut but does not eat pellets. He chases the poor Palm Warbler away relentlessly. Neither is easy to photograph!


2 thoughts on “Palm Warbler at the feeder

  1. […] Video proof! I first photographed the Palm Warbler who fed at my table in late 2007. This is unusual because, of course, the bird is an insectivore and not a visitor to any feeder. But among the seeds I put out are a kind of engineered nutrition pellet for domestic birds and this warbler has learned to eat those. I believe this is the same individual that learned to eat the pellets and who has wintered with me since at least 2006. He returned about a week ago and will be with me until mid-March of 2010. I am happy to contribute to the life of this formidable bird for as long as we cross paths. Here’s what I wrote about him in 2/08. […]

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