my portapotty collection!


Okay, they were not really mine. I just like the caption. And I like the word ‘portapotty’. It may be the funniest term in English since ‘anger management’.potty62.jpg Anyway, I heard a radio story about portapottys burning down somewhere. Then on Sunday, 3 February while cruising the backstreets of the big 34691 not far from my house, I came across the place!

While I was photographing the site a methhead hopped off his bike and told me the fire was started by a “flare” that landed in the middle of the sea of potties. None of the cops or firemen I called would confirm that as fact. They didn’t even want to see my pictures. Bastards.

The local Osprey couple, whose nest is uncomfortably close to the fire, seem to be well and apparently they found the whole thing stimulating. You can visit an online gallery of my photos here and you can download a sweet 1920×1200 portapotty wallpaper here.

One thought on “my portapotty collection!

  1. Only a real photographer would see the potential in a cluster of half-melted portapottys™. Kudos to you, Paul; you’ve made the aftermath of an industrial prank appear interesting and I like the touch of nature.

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