why is this goose following me?


I am happy to say my goose has stuck around. She promenades swanlike over the water, swimming in small ovals. It is as though she knows she is at her most elegant when she is on the water displaying her red eyes and her large bustle. Take that Bjork!

The goose community has been very free with it’s advice to me on this bird who appeared in my yard three weeks ago. I am reliably informed that these geese are not goose4_1.jpgsexually dimorphic (the sexes look the same) but I believe, or choose to believe, I have a girlbird. I know my hens. Gloria will tell you. It has been a surprise, by the way, to discover these people who have had geese as pets and enjoyed them so much. They described keeping geese on the screen porch and even in the house. A bird person I am but hmmm. They have suggested I get a companion for my goose. Another large and unruly turkey for this small yard? I already have one bumping into me, daubing my pant leg with pond scum and stepping on my shoes.

She was raised by someone I am told. But she has left that life behind. She may one day fall to a predator or some other danger but she owns her life and chooses her friends now. One day she might find a mate and colonize North America with her goslings. I will not eat her, which was suggested, or interfere except to be her friend, offer her some of Gloria’s leftover seeds and talk to her, which makes her vibrate.

Yes, I have named her. She is:

The Goose

5 thoughts on “why is this goose following me?

  1. We had geese when I was a kid…they were MEAN- I remember them chasing my little sister around the yard. It’s a shame because they are such beautiful creatures too…I wonder if this is one of God’s ironies in life?
    Great writing- I enjoyed this…have a wonderful night~

  2. The goose reminds me of a swan (first observation), also I think it is really nice when you see something that many see (as stated above) geese as being very mean birds. I think just as dogs, and other animals sense a human’s feelings towards them, geese can as well; and apparently you must have been nice and inviting for this goose to stick around:)

  3. I think it is really nice when you see somthing that one percieves as being ‘nasty and mean’ to be so inviting of people, and really pleasant in the end.

  4. funny you should mention that it looks like a swan as it’s common name is a swan goose. I had a couple of these exact same geese visit my apt complex one spring and I went to see them every day. (They chased most people away) but even the mean ones are just bluffing if you show them attention. It brings back good memories when I read about these things. Thanks for posting

  5. Today my girlfriend had a Canadian Goose at her gas station. It was very tame and followed everybody like it just loved people. It had a metal band with numbers and a orange zip-tie around it’s legs. I brought it home because animal control said they would kill it if she took it. So, I brought it home in a pet carrier and surprisingly it was very very calm and comfortable in the small carrier on the ride home. It was not scared at all. It walked around our yard for a few hours eating grass and following me everywhere. Everyone here fell in love with the cute goose. I went on the screened porch for just a minute as it followed and waited for me at the bottom of the steps and seemed upset that I was leaving it and was calling me back. It waited for about a minute and I turned my head for a split second and it vanished. I am going to miss it. Does anyone think it will come back? Is this unusual behavior for a goose? I was starting to think it wasn’t able to fly but I am pretty sure it flew away. It was a really touching bird for some reason.

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