what a bad prediction

Yes, yes.

Not only was I wrong but I went against the home team. To my credit the score was in the range I predicted, not into the thirty-somethings where the Fox pundits had it. And if you complain I will end my posts with a preposition for a year.

Free Falling will be added to the pt100. Tom has been out in the cold too long.

2 thoughts on “what a bad prediction

  1. Yeah… I was rooting for the Patriots too! Despite living in Miami and being married to a ‘Dol-fan’ I really wanted to Patriots to break the record… that is the excitement of sports. But at the end of the day, it’s only sports. No one died… all is well… and hope you are too!

  2. Well, I was the only Giants fan at the bar we went to…even I was surprised the Pats didn’t win…it was a great game though- it was nice to see a Superbowl that wasn’t a bloodbath or worse, boring…
    Have a great night~

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