paranoid grilling

I love my life in my small house. I can cook hamburgers on a grill out of doors! I was doing just that when a rustling in the big palm tree caught my attention. Sipping my wine I gazed into the darkness and as my eyes adjusted I could see high in the tree… a cat? No! A raccoon! Two raccoons! And another in the ferns at the base of the tree, and another! Four of them so near and unconcerned about my presence. As I watched they milled about, rustling the dry leaves, accomplishing nothing, really. Apparently the struggle to survive in the wild leaves you with plenty of free time.

Then my native suspiciousness asserted itself. It is almost as though this is a distraction, a misdirection. I spun around in time to see a raccoon, nose in the air, reaching up to the table where my burgers were grilling. I rarely curse but one escaped me that day and the animal scurried. So smart! While his little family held my attention he walked all the way around the house to try for my burgers!

One thought on “paranoid grilling

  1. Paulie, When I first came to the area, I took a little camping trip down at Fort Desoto. The rangers there warned us to keep coolers and anything you want to keep, locked in the vehicle as they weren’t even sure the coons could not open car doors. I thought this was quite a charming way to welcome people and paid it about that much mind. Well, I can say that the lil buggers practically sat at the picnic table with me as I tried to eat my dinner that evening and they can certainly open coolers if not car doors. I was amazed and I was charmed. Love the journal so far…very amusing and enlightening even. Hugs, Take care of that goose, she’s lovely.

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