paulie met a horse


I remember as a small boy of around eight walking into the big door a police stable left wide open to the quiet sidestreet. In my memory it was a summer evening and I was pretty far from home. I walked down the row of stalls touching each horses nose, speaking to them. In spite of fearing all things NYPD I was not afraid of the big battle horses nor they of me. After a peaceful moment, already on my way out, I was discovered and thrown out by an enraged sergeant.

After a lapse of, oh 35 years, Paulie would run into a horse again after coming to live in the Souf. My friend Craig and I visited the Starkey ranch to take the tour and we cautiously petted the horses. I found a picture of a Manhattan stable in the archive of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation. I doubt it is actually the one but it could be, so it is presented mostly for atmosphere. Most of the stables in Manhattan have been closed for over a hundred years.

This comes up because I recently met a horse online called Bailey. He has a blog. Bailey, why don’t you post a comment and give the people your link?


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