paulie lives here now

Thai temple Tampa


It’s a privilege to visit and go inside.


get off my lawn

Two large teenage boys stroll through my back yard. Grrrr.
I follow and find them at the edge of the pond looking at the recently arrived Mute Swan. Admirers of it’s beauty?
No. One throws a small stick.
I appear unexpectedly and now their backs are to the water.
“All Swans, wherever they are belong to the regent and they are under her protection.”
(I don’t know where I am getting this. King Arthur?)
“I don’t give a s#@t!”
My fangs are coming out. I take a breath.
“Her local representative does.”
“They not here!”
I advance a half step and I feel almost justified in my next lie.
My mother is English.
“I’m her local representative.”

port of Tampa

Maybe I’ll open a new specialty in ports at night.

Bodden printshop destroyed

A sad end for the tidy little building that stood on Grand Cayman’s waterfront. I’m told the car hit it just last Sunday.
I photographed it last July:

the last Gulf Fritillary

It is the end of summer and the last caterpillars are launching. This one hangs in the ‘j’ posture from a silken anchor in the final step before beginning to transform. It hangs from a Passiflora suberosa, the Corkystem Passionflower, where it grew.

why solar will never work in FL


Cuban Anoles. They’re solar powered too.

Hypericum gentianoides, the Pineweed

A small plant worth noticing.


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