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the isis surprise

We may need some sort of government agency to keep tabs on things like this; keep us in the loop.

what’s going on behind the water heater?

There have been a puzzling variety of squeaks, chirps and coos coming from behind my water heater in the garage. I attached my camera to a pole to try to find out what was there:
At first I thought I had a photo of an empty space but a close look shows a European Gecko watching over an astounding garden of eggs. I count more than 30 more-or-less intact eggs with the fragments of many more in the debris layer.
I wonder if I hear the eggs calling to their mother the way Alligators call from the egg? Or is the mother singing to her eggs to help them along?
This Gecko is one of Florida’s introduced species. For a feral animal it’s inoffensive. In fact I think they’re pretty nice.

It’s a better world with you in it, Roger Swain


He tried to get me to eat a Kumquat.

Who’s Roger Swain?
Biologist, gardener, writer and storyteller, Roger Swain was born and
raised outside Boston Massachusetts. He graduated from Harvard
College, and went on to earn a Ph.D. , studying the behavior in ants
in tropical rain forests, before becoming Science Editor of Horticulture
magazine. Since 1978 readers have been enjoying Roger’s essays
and articles in that magazine, as well as his five books: Earthly
Pleasures, Field Days, The Practical Gardener, Saving Graces, and
Groundwork. When he is not editing Horticulture, filming the TV
series or meeting with gardeners across the country, Roger can be
found at work in the orchard and gardens of his New Hampshire farm.”

my secret botanical station…

3…in the outback of Pangaea. I wish.

the flooded forest of november


the relevance of silence


tampa museum of art



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